Hi! I'm a Junior Game Programmer with interest in Tool and FullStack programming.


  • 1+ years of professional Unity game programming experience.
  • 1+ years working as a FullStack developer.
  • 5+ years of experience using Unity and C# in student projects.

I'm currently looking for new work experiences that let me get deeper into other aspects of the dev world.



Coming soon

February 2022 - Present

Game as a service, FPS F2P which main gimmicks are era-based weapons and in-game arena modifications because of a glitch effect.


  • Currently working on the monetization aspects of the game and the content management workflow, enhancing the game's features in Unity but also implementing external tools using ASP.NET and Blazor or customizing the Unity editor.
  • I also have some production responsabilities, such as deciding the working pipeline and planning tasks and sprints for the team.

TOOLS: Unity, C#, ASP.NET, Blazor, Sourcetree, Jira, TeamLeader



Version 0.6

Last update: July, 2021

Cyclodrama was created as the main piece of my bachelor's thesis of the Degree in Video Game Design and Development. The project consisted on designing a three-dimensional theater-themed graphical adventure. Then, I implemented this design in a demo - one of the scenes of the game.


  • As a designer, I started working on the most classic features of the genre and, then, modernizing them, avoiding linerality in the resolution of puzzles, expanding the interaction...
    • Also, as a narrative designer, I used some specific scenes to try to create emergent narrative spaces, where the NPCs interact each other as agents.
  • As a programmer, the main feature of the game was the interaction system, which makes the main character able to relate to objects and subjects of gameworld by using different action verbs.
  • As an artist, I modeled every 3D asset present in the demo and also some textures and the UI elements were created expressly for the demo. For the sound section, I worked with Manel Espinosa, composer of all the music that can be heard during the gameplay.

TOOLS: Unity, C#, GitHub, blender, Photoshop


Version 1.0

Last update: November, 2020

As part of my internship in FireScale Studios, during the Degree in Video Game Design and Development, I worked on a graphical node editing tool aimed at creating stories for one of the video games they are working on and was to be designed for team members who are not necessarily programmers.


  • The tool is integrated into the Unity interface, working with custom windows.
  • There are different types of nodes, Story Nodes, which can be connected through their input and output ports. Nodes can be selected and edited from Unity Inspector.
  • Advanced features like fast importing and exporting, node autogeneration, groups, translation and navigation assistance makes the user experience really easy.

TOOLS: Unity, C#, GitHub



Version 0.8

Last update: January, 2022

Started as an academic project, I implemented a simplified modern Tetris game, three bots which are capable of playing it and a genetic algorithm that trains these bots. Now, as a personal project, I've improved the user experience and added some data-management features.


  • Each bot chooses the best action from the available ones for the current piece, calculating its corresponding score as a linear combination of a series of values that describe the game state and some weights determined at the beginning of the game.
  • The bots work as follows:
    • The first bot is the simplest, calculating the score of every action available for the current piece and chooshing the highest.
    • The second bot uses a Monte Carlo Tree Search and calculates the score for each action considering also the 3 next pieces.
    • The third one works similar to the first one but it adds a new weight in order to play more like a human.
  • The genetic algorithm is used to calculate the best weights for each bot.

TOOLS: Unity, C#, GitHub


Feel free to send me a message to contact@halvaren.dev, I'll try to respond as soon as possible. Also, you can follow me and my work here: